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August 15, 2008


Liz Harris

Must we all fly back and forth to New York City to get the grown up and dramatic material some of us need in our lives? Develop a rating and published review system for those with puratanical leanings and let the rest of us get some artistic freedom of speech.


I think Risque has one definition and offensive has another definition. I have no problem if the Kentucky Center wants to present sexy material, but it should not display material that is directly aimed at insulting any religion. Whether it be Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. To mock someone's belief system is not appropriate in any setting. To be provocative and show something that might be against a belief is fine. That's provocative. But, because of acts like the Wau Wau Sisters, I will not season subscribe and finance someone to be purposefully offensive to my beliefs, and the beliefs of half of Louisville. I looked at the material on Youtube. If they did not include that insulting scene, I might go see it. But they wish to mock my beliefs and what kind of person would I be if I did not stand up for my beliefs.

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