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May 06, 2010


Chris, The Kentucky Center

Darby - thanks so much for taking the time to post your comment! I read it this morning and immediately shared it with our Programming and Communications staff. We totally get it when it comes to the healing power of music and the arts! So glad you're looking forward to this upcoming concert. Travel safe and enjoy the show!


My husband surprised me this evening with the announcement that he had arranged to take off work (a momentous event in itself) so that he could take me to see Adam. Presuming the nearest venue was Ohio, I immediately went online to Adam's website to see if I could get tickets. Imagine my delight when I saw that he was going to be performing at the Brown Theater. Okay, you can't fully imagine, but you get the idea!
The past several years have been a bit rough with an illness in the family. Adam is where I go when I need a happy place. Thank you for the opportunity to see him perform up close and personal! This will be a very happy place indeed!

C. Long, Kentucky Center

Sandi - Coming in from Atlanta? Really? Travel safe! I love hearing from people who are excited about seeing performers they love...LIVE!

Sandi Reeves

I'm coming from Atlanta to see this show. I love this guy!

C. Long, Kentucky Center

To "CMILLER" - Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm! I somehow missed the original Lambert/Idol brouhaha and am now playing catch-up watching videos, reading interviews, etc. I agree with you - his voice gets right under your skin. Right now, I'm listening to "Whadaya Want From Me" about ten times a day.

I hope he has a long, healthy career, with steady management, and can find writers who will provide him with quality material that showcases his vocal ability. It is also grand to watch someone who obviously loves theatricality and performing live.

Think about signing-up for our eClub in the next 48-hours, adding Pop and Rock to your profile, so that you're on the mailing list for any presale information we have to share on this show. We're still waiting for management to confirm that we can do a presale. Fingers crossed!


Driving 5 hours to see this.

Can't wait for it.

Don't care where I sit i'm in the presence and can hear that amazing voice. Excited here.

C. Long, Kentucky Center

Regarding the presale...right now, we're waiting for confirmation from the artist's rep. We "hope" to be able to offer a 24-hour presale opportunity to our Members (donors) and eClub on May 20. You can visit our website at http://www.kentuckycenter.org to learn more about Membership (click on Support from top menu bar) or to join th eClub (see "eClub" in top menu bar). For the eClub, be sure to select Pop and/or Rock as part of your profile to be included in the Lambert presale email announcement. We'll also announce on FB and Twitter as soon as we have the "final" word from the artist's agency.


By the way, do you know whether there will be a presale for this show or not?



C. Long, Kentucky Center

Delilaah - our pleasure! We've been working on landing this show for quite awhile. Feels good to finally be able to announce it.


Very excited for this! I was surprised yesterday when the Louisville Date went up on Adam's website <333 Thanks guys.

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